Document: AUT-BO-01001

Recto - identity
   Biographical data
   Printing technique
Document: AUT-BO-01001
        Issuing Country:AUT - Austria • REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH •
        Document Category:B - Identity card
        Document Type:O - Ordinary
        Document Number - Version:01001
        First Issued On:01.08.1980
        Not Valid After:08.01.2012
        Legal Status:Document establishing identity issued to nationals of: AUT - Austria • REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH •
        Number of Pages:4
        Maximum Validity:10year(s)
        Extension Possible:no
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Watermark   Biographical data   
Recto - identityPages 2 and 3
   Security Feature:Watermark   
   Security Feature:Biographical data   
Printed Text/Observation:filled in by hand, typewritten or needle-printed
Biographical data
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Printing technique   
VersoPages 4 and 1
   Security Feature:Printing technique   
Printed Text/Observation:"Kinder:" (space for entering children)
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